Tuesday, July 3, 2012

coke addicted models and such nonsense

sometimes, or almost every day, i am compelled to do something terrible. something i hope my children won't do. something so vulgar that i am embarrassed by my psychological need to do it. i am talking about coke.
i drink soda.
BAM- it is earth shattering is it not?!

i teach nutrition.
i have advanced degrees in the business of wellness.
i am a healthcare practitioner.
i know better. soda is probably the worst thing to drink. the major source of calories in the american diet is sugar in soda.

but it could be worse! it could be the other kind of coke is all i'm saying. that would be worse people.

i want it during my commutes- i am full on responding to the external ques we talked about in my nutrition lecture tonight. i almost can't help myself. but today, during my commute- i told my subconscious to back off and i pulled into a sonic, which i love. i really really love sonics. and i ordered an unsweetened iced tea.

and then i waited.
and waited.
i guess they were brewing my tea...
and the order was delivered to the car in front of me.
and then i waited.
and looked in the rear view mirror and noticed that my hair was blowing wildly in the air conditioner stream making me look all victoria's secret beach shoot, except i was fully dressed in the car. and not heidi klum, of course, even after 14 kids. how does she do it?

and i waited some more
seriously sonic? you are making me second guess my choice. i am not excited about my tea like i would be for a frosty coca cola.
i looked back to the mirror and laughed.
and then i took out my camera phone and took  some pics of myself to send to my husband who i thought would find my pictures glamour shot funny.

more waiting....
and hello sonic person!

i confirmed my order, paid the server and was on my way.
i was still thinking about how long it took to get a simple drink and wondered how long it would have taken if i'd ordered something really complicated like tator tots or a slushie or something, when i reached for my cup and took my first sip.

and it was soda.

my subconscious backed the heck off alright and jumped right into the sonic worker who just knew that i wasn't in the mood for tea. my transplanted subconscious is that good. they delivered to me a 44 oz dr. pepper (i wish it had been coke for many reasons including the the sake of this long and unimportant story and because it's delicious) instead of the 32 oz tea.
that is the biggest external que i have ever seen...

but it's fine.
all models have their addictions after all.

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