Friday, July 13, 2012

if jason showed up at this house in his ski mask and a machete, he'd turn right around and run away. we are that scary.

so i missed ten on ten again this month, mostly because i knew if i didn't get my camping trip post done that day then i never would. i had the brilliant idea that i would use today, friday the 13th to take pics throughout my day instead with the idea that they would capture all the little joys that were the exact opposite of the "unluckiness" that this day is associated with. i figured i'd tie it all together with a brilliant pun-laced post and that would keep me happy till next time.
however, by ten am it was abundantly clear that my son was trying to put me into a mental institution and instead i had to spend most of the day making the conscious decision to avoid drinking... cest la vie.

i am officially down with my day classes for the summer so i figured we'd jump right into belated summer holiday fun and hit the library for story morning take two. if you recall, our first experience left a little something to be desired so i spent an hour trying to come up with excuses not to go and ultimately had to because our books were due.

drat that procrastination.
we walked there since it was a cool 85 degrees and N happily deposited our books into the outdoor deposit box. we went in to find that there was no story hour today (even though it clearly stated "Storytelling Hour" on the calendar for today's date, Friday the 13th- lovely.
sooo i had to answer the "why isn't there storytime" question approximately 73 times all while keeping A from de-shelving the entire childrens section and N from engaging the library ladies in conversation way above their social skills.
our favorite lady from last week managed to piss me off with a comment about children for the second time in two visits and another one snidely commented that i was supposed to return the books inside versus the deposit box outside.
i can only assume it is there for decoration if it is not for returning books.

library: 2, personal fun: 0.

i know this not exciting but i feel like it is neccessary for completeness sake in my hatred for the hometown library.
so then we left and by then, it was more like 87 degrees and since N can clearly tell the difference, he made sure to tell me how it was hot about every 16 steps for the walk home. apparently there is no winning with this child.

when we got home, we read their new books and only manged to rip one page in a fit of rage when the wrong child chose to turn the third page. we ate lunch, made the chocolatey peanut butter yumminess that is puppy chow and then decided to play outside in the hose.
this sounds like a lovely day, right?
you would think, but again, nothing is ever good enough where my N is concerned. he always wants more.
that is why when i said it was time to go in (after warning him of the impending end with the hose date three times) N threw a MASSIVE tantrum complete with shouts of how i was "killing him" all while the neighbors are outside staring at me wondering if in fact i was trying to kill him. this is Friday the 13th you know.

i keep thinking these days are behind us since he is not 2 or 3 (and almost not even 4) anymore, but alas, they are not. i think God thinks it is funny, just call me comic relief.

anyway, eventually i got everyone inside, changed, snacked and into beds for naps. God did have mercy on me and made N sleep for three hours, which is the surest way to avoid me reaching for the ski mask and turning into Jason. A even slept for an hour and i had a shower and wished for wine.

and some wonders never cease because my husband brought me some home and now i am ignoring the madness and drinking a wine spritzer 'cause i am classy like that. i hear a squeal or a bang every now and then but i think my husband is on it. and if he's not, well then i'm sure N has it covered- he does think he know best and i have a glass that qualifies as one of today's little joys.


Jo said...

wait- didn't jason wear a hockey mask?? yes- yes he did.

Vicky Mitchell said...

I can just see Nolan saying you are killing him. Someday you will laugh.