Sunday, July 15, 2012

and then there were two and there was never silence again

it is fair to say that when your two year old climbs into your lap, covers one of your eyes with a book and says "you're a pirate- aaaargggh!" that you will think she is the most brilliant child ever- or at least as brilliant as your own precocious four year old who paved the way.

N was an early talker- with me as a parent, the poor kid was destined for the 'can't stop talking' gene and boy has that been the truth. when other children were pointing and grunting at their sippy cups, he was asking me to "pass my yummy drink, pweeeease" and since then he pretty much has not stopped speaking but for the 10 hour hiatus called nighttime. this trait is both a blessing and a curse as you can imagine and we have had a book's worth of commentary that despite my best efforts, i will sadly never remember.

when A started to talk, we thought maybe she was behind, at least by N's standards and then seemingly overnight, the single words morphed into paragraphs and we are well on our way to having another one who makes up little songs and makes us belly laugh with her baby creativity.

and it is glorious.

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