Thursday, March 31, 2011

The product you didn't know you needed

"Are you a 24-7 mom?

Every time I hear these words on a frequently played commercial, it reminds me that I haven't yet written a post on it. At first I thought the makers of this product must have known something I didn't.

Pretty much all the moms I know would qualify as parents all day every day.... I mean, can you opt out of some of those hours or days?? If that is the case I would prefer to be put on the 16-7 plan instead, which allows me to check out for a solid 8 hour sleep break per day....

I don't think I am alone- this last week has been the first straight week for over a year that I have slept for more than 3 hours in a row. I am fairly sure that when you sign up to be a parent, you forfeit the right to sleep for about 15 years. Parenting is round the clock for sure- babies need to eat, toddlers need to pee and even the dog needs fresh water at 3am- to hell with my schedule. So yes I am a 24-7 mom, who isn't?

And there lies the appeal of this commercial- if we are all 24-7 moms, then we all need their product.... brilliant marketing actually. However, I think I would be more likely to buy a product that offered me the 16-7 option. When that hits the shelves wake me up, I'll be trying to cram in a 5 minute power nap while washing the dishes...

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