Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Received a letter from Commerce Bank this morning which said "your account has been overdrawn in the amount of $ .29 for over 45 days now"
                  Note: I haven't banked with them for over 3 years except for my malpractice insurance that comes out every three months, so I never check mail from them (I know that is probably not the best idea, but I have other pressing matters to worry about).... PLUS I supposedly have overdraft protection  (in the form of a backup credit card) to avoid this situation.

"As a result of our unsatisfactory relationship, your account will be closed on 3/27/11"
Well thanks commerce, you have saved me the trouble! I hope that HUGE balance doesn't put your bank under.... maybe you should be more worried about people foreclosing on huge homes and/or not paying their car loans.

$ .29?!?!
I hope they can use the 30 cents in change I just sent them and buy some customer service.....