Sunday, March 27, 2011

My handsome suitor

Today I went on a date with a very handsome man and he was not my husband. He does sorta walk, talk and look like him though he is about a third his size.

He did not hold the door for me but gave me multiple kisses. He did not buy me dinner but shared his dessert. In fact, he needed help into his jacket as well as his carseat.

Today N and I got some lovely alone time- all we did was go to the dollar store, the gas station and target (his choice actually) but since it is 30 minute ride, we had to stop at sonic for some happy hour slushies. I revel in these moments because when we are removed from the house (and the competition) I flash back to simpler excursions out and about- that used to be our very favorite thing to do together- just run around and it is much harder with little sister in tow.

So thank you daddy for being on baby duty and thank you A for being easy on daddy so that me and the sweetest little monster ever could have ourselves an afternoon date. He even told me I was pretty and  I have never felt more beautiful :)


judejo said...

That sounds amazing...Sounds like you should set up your next "N adjustment" soon...Bet you can't wait for another date with that good looking little fella!

A Mountain Momma said...

Ugh, I know. I remember the days where I could just get out of the car, run into the bank, where no one liked the teller or dumped out the garbage.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

ahh going on dates with your kids just the best! glad i stopped by from the linkup x