Monday, March 21, 2011

Vocal Repetition

I am so sick of saying the SAME thing over and over again.
“Nolan please be nice to your baby sister”
“Please stop yelling”
“Let’s share”  

It never ends.
Sometimes I wish he would act out in a more creative way just so I can mix up my responses….. I truly do not WANT to be a whiny nag of a mother yet- let’s save that for the awesome teen years that I know are gonna be so much fun. I try to pick my battles but at the end of the day I feel like all I have accomplished is hoarseness.
It is not just him but also the super smiley and hard to be mad at, little woman. 
“Aila stay out of the plant”
Of course said while moving her little bootie a “safe” distance away (as if that exists when you can crawl at the speed of sound). Her fingers are constantly in the dirt or pulling leaves.
We have a lot of plants in here but with spring hitting, maybe I will move them all outside and sacrifice the pleasant aesthetics and clean indoor air for sanity. Although if I do that, then the ONE thing she plays with that he doesn’t think he immediately needs will have vanished from the house…..
I need a drink
(of water for the hoarseness)

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judejo said...

Well, I'm just picturing my grandbabies being well, cute grandbabies...Except for missing them so much, it's much easier being a Grandma!