Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation Please??

This is sooooo the time of year that I begin to yearn for a vacation- just a simple change of scenery- some warmth- a break in routine. We love to travel. We LOVE it and we don't get to do it nearly enough (darn student loans and responsibilities).

Aaron and I were fortunate to have many years together before our babies were born and one thing we did every summer in college and beyond was to take a road trip- we started camping to save money and grew to really enjoy tent sleeping, especially in some of the amazing places we have been. In general we picked a National Park and centered our trip around hiking and mountain biking the area but we always stopped other places along the way. We also love to eat and make it a point to try "the" local dish while we are there.

So far, my personal favorite place ever was Glacier National Park- The air and light there were otherwordly and it felt so far outside of the usual. I will never forget trekking along the continental divide with baby mountain goats darting across the trail or finding a totally secluded glacier fed mountain lake. It was spectacular- Aaahhh I am so in the mood to travel!!

I have seen pictures from other people's recent trips and drooled over the white sandy places and then today a friend posted this article on Bucket List Trips:

Now I am absolutely restless!! So many of these places are on our own list and it seems impossible to ever make it to all of them.... (especially all of those across the pond). We like to go someplace new every year, but now that we have kids, I can also see enjoying the creation of a family spot that we return to year after year (ahem- Glacier). Plus, we have our best friends and some family spread all of the country so we need to visit them too- I guess that means we just need to vacation more :)

Here are some of my other favorites-
Beaches: Torey Pines State Park- San Diego, CA; Oval Beach- Saugatuck, MI;
Mountains: Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain National Park); Lake Dillon,CO; Grand Tetons; Blackwater Falls, WV
Cities: San Francisco, CA; Charleston, SC

There are countless others- I could post on favorite drives, restaurants, experiences, etc. etc. but now I need to shower and go to work so I can make some vacation money!!

Where are your favorite places? Please share so I can grow my bucket list!!


ChiroMamma said...

Some of my favorites:

Mount Shasta, California
Wallace, Idaho
Ouray, Colorado
Mount Rainier, Washington

Coronado, California (next to San Diego)
Old Silver, Falmouth, MA
Myrtle Beach, SC

Seattle, New York City, Boston

The Swiss Alps (anywhere works), Bavaria, Lago Como

the Veneto, Alsace-Lorraine, Bavaria

Paris, Berlin, Verona, Strasbourg

Jo said...

thank you thank you!!
i have always wanted to go to the pacific northwest and haven't made it yet :(
AND we almost went to bavaria (and austria) on our honeymoon but just couldn't swing it!!