Monday, April 25, 2011

Honey is Sleeping on the Couch

I woke this morning VERY upset with my husband.

What kind of person comes into your precious (and as a sleep-deprived mom, rather rare) dreams and cheats on you?! Wow my dreams seem really real!

It wasn't really his fault that I was mad- he didn't really DO anything other than break my sleeping heart, the cheating bastard. But seriously I am m.a.d. at him and I think that is pretty funny. I immediately tried to snuggle myself into a good mood this morning and he being asleep kinda shrugged me off so it was as good as an admission of infidelity to my mood.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I find it amusing that my dreams can set the tone for the day but also a little scary- I mean, am I now under pressure to create wonderful dreams too?? I thought it was bad enough to maintain the illusion of keeping a perfect house and family during my waking hours- what's a girl to do? 

So anyway, I just thought it worth mentioning that my husband can even tick me off in his sleep.
When I go to bed tonight I must remember to think positive thoughts and dream happy so I am in a good mood tomorrow and A can get off the couch and come back to my bed :)

Note: I do not mean to make light of a serious situation and my heart goes out to people who have truly been touched by this.


judejo said...

Bet he has those dreams about you too, but they are more tramatic for us women...

...tales from the darkside of the laundrybasket said...

I had a dream that my husband was fooling around with Katy Perry? Yeah, that could happen...I still can't listen to her music!

RaRa said...

Now come on, I'm sure you've had the dream where you're cheating on him...come on, admit it (though we all know, not by choice!)