Monday, April 4, 2011

Magic Moment Mondays

i could be posting pics of my lovely's bday today but it was pretty low key around here. me and N made her a carrot cake from scratch and she happily smashed it to oblivion. we will be having her real party this weekend and i am so excited for it- i LOVE planning parties- so i will post pictures from that next week.
for now, here are some other moments taken from our first Cardinals outing of the year (yesterday). what a beautiful day it was. we managed not to blow away and the birds even won though honestly whenever i go with the kids i have no idea what happens in the game. the reality is that i only know they won because the fireworks went off at game's end......
nolan's new thing is to give everything a thumbs up ;)

aila's new thing is to run away from wherever you wish she would stay :)

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