Friday, March 9, 2012

it's true, there is no real point to this story

i am in a blog rut again. if you count not blogging at all as a rut instead of a failure, which i do because i am trying to be positive.
this week my positivity has gone about as far as being positive that i couldn't be positive.

i think mentally i kept telling myself that it would be okay to be all broody and crabby until tomorrow because that marks the start of my spring break (woooooo hoooooo).
a thirty-something woman's version of woo hoo is remarkably different by the way than the woo hoo's of spring breaks past when i was tan in march and willing to wear a two piece swimsuit but the spirit is still in there somewhere, buried behind my random want for a cupcake and a nap.

but i digress.
i keep having all these things i want to talk about and then i just don't. mostly because my children have been hell bent on the destruction of my sanity and my house. you should see this place... it is like a tsunami of fun wiped out my decor. but that is okay i guess, because if N is not unleashing the power of our too many toyboxes, he is all in my face asking me if i love him 723 times per day (without exagerration). i can only assume that i am the world's worst mom if my child is that concerned with me LOVING him. of course i love you buddy!!!!!!!!! times a zillion, times a zillion and one times per day. that is a lot of loving.

and it's only gonna get better because i am on a mission to be super happy, fun, mom right after i finish being can't-stop-grading-papers mom in about 20 minutes. because that's when my student's exams are due in my email inbox and my spring break officially begins.

woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! bring me my bikini! and a large large towel to cover up with ;)


Alicia said...

a cupcake sounds fantastic

Jo said...

doesn't it? i still want one