Saturday, March 17, 2012

who needs leprechauns when you have your own cute little shorties

On Valentine's Day I swore that I would stop putting so much energy into my holidays for awhile... the kids are probably too young to enjoy it and I am fairly sure my husband would survive if a day passed without decorations, themed desserts and craftiness.
aaaand here i sit on St. Patrick's day covered in icing and glue bits. In other words, I lied to myself :)

Not completely though- I have toned it down considerably. I didn't put up any decorations until this morning when N and I slapped a little banner together in 10 minutes. Since his little hands cut and glued and stickered, it was perfect.

and we made cupcakes and other green food and corned beef and cabbage. we slapped on our green and pinched and pinched and pinched but that is all. It was low-key but it felt nice.

Let's be honest, who can live up to a pinterest holiday these days anyway??
Happy St. Patty's Day!

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