Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what's that? i can't hear you over all this noise.

if your babies are like mine, sometimes they are crabby and whiny.
please say yours do it too!
today, it was my itty one-  the usually happy one who all of a sudden won't ride in the car for more than 4.5 seconds without starting to cry and whine. and then she kicks it up a notch and screams and cries because she thinks her almost 2 year old opinion should be heard.
so i do like any other insane former performer would do and crank the music to near speaker-blowing levels and wail to my hearts content. i choose to believe that this is not comparable to sound torture or a menace to developing ears and is instead a healthy release for a disgruntled me.
and when i roll up bumping to a light and my windows are down and my vehicular neighbor double takes to see a wanna-be broadway diva jamming out instead of some young hooligan, all the better.
i can almost see my future teenage children eye rolling the hell out of me and it makes me smile. but first things first, because today when i picked up my 4 going on 14 year old angsty one and expected him to shout at the noise when the car started, instead he instantly began to belt out the song playing on the radio.

we are young-ung-ung. so let's set the world on fi-eya. we can burn bri-eta than the suuuu-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uuunnnnnn. tonigh-igh-igh-eee- ighty-igh-ight. we are young-ou-oung...
i must admit that i love this song. which means i can totally picture myself barefoot in an empty dance studio spinning wildly and calling it artistic license.
yep. my poor kids are screwed-
gonna be just like me!

just for your auditory pleasure, this acoustic version is fantastic!

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