Monday, March 12, 2012

Ten On Ten [3.10.12]

So it's true- this post is late... again. But this time, it's because we were out of town doing cool things and I couldn't let the interwebz know that we weren't at home and invite trouble to befall our poor little doggie who was staying home alone for the first time ever!
This weekend we met some of our best friends in Nashville and it was a great time- these ten on ten pictures are clearly from our drive there, an afternoon at The Hermitage (maybe that's not clear) and a quick distraction post check-in at the hotel- thank goodness for Winnie the Pooh and a laptop. I wish all my weekends were this sunshiny- I really needed it.

Linking up with A Bit Of Sunshine again today for the monthly Ten On Ten project.
Always a lovely time

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Jess said...

Oh, I LOVE your little picnic in the parking lot! Perfect!