Friday, March 16, 2012

put on your blue suede shoes... or not since we're not in memphis

Sometimes you just have to bust outta town for a bit. That is exactly what we did last weekend- we headed to Nashville so that I could start my country recording debut, or so that we could see some good friends that we have ignored for far too long. They have a sweet little girlie who I had to squeeze and good ole Tennessee is the halfway point for us so we packed up the family and hit the road.

For only having two days, we fit quite a bit in and even though we 'may' have pushed our poor children to the very limits of tired-and-crabbydom, they were troopers. And it is a good thing that we were on a three days before payday style budget or I might have walked stomped away with three pair of cowboy boots, and a giant belt buckle with no place to wear them because StL is the home of the wannabe cowboy and I am always good at jumping on a bandwagon.

The only disappointment was a lack of a ladies night out, which I must confess that I was aching for as we walked down Broadway at 4 PM and live music was drifting from every venue. But we just couldn't because we were afraid that Coyote Ugly would make us take a job there or something and we'd have to ditch our families and become songwriters and cut off guys ponytails and not stop the moonlight (guess I can't deny having watched that movie). But next time. Next time we will live it up complete with boots and maybe even a snap up cowboy shirt and it will be grand. I'll keep you posted.

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