Sunday, March 18, 2012

steppin out: little crabby lady edition

little miss A stepped out for a birthday party for a few of her peeps a couple weeks ago and i was on a random self-imposed blog hiatus. but i just have to share.
because she is adorable.
i think there is no rule that says i can't pretend like it happened today.
she wanted nothing to do with me taking her picture though.
cue hiding in the cabinet...

Cardi: Thrifted, Leggings and Shoes: Target Clearance

my other little person was the exact opposite and was just begging to be photographed. he is not wearing anything spectacular (unless you're four and think that random 90's cartoons of super mario brothers are the coolest thing evah) but i am a sucker for any child that actually pretends to be interested in me and smiling for the camera.

Shirt: Children's Place, Jeans: Walmart, Shoes: Vans

and me? nobody would take my picture but i guess i looked okay and i stepped out with them.
i don't turn down cake.

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Dumb Mom said...

Crabby or not her shoes are haute! And I totally dig 90s shirts! Probably because The Dudes rock hose too!