Monday, March 19, 2012

there i was just channeling my inner 'bambi'

i don't know what got into me yesterday.
i think maybe just the lovely spring air, but anyway, i was like a little frolicking deer shaking off the winter fuzz.
IF little frolicking deer did round off- back handsprings like they were a 16 year old gymnast again... i was outside with the kiddos and just felt the urge to tumble. it had seriously been at least 7 years since i last purposely went head over tail.

maybe i was just trying to impress my husband (though it would have been better in my old cheerleading skirt).
pause- i am 31 years old.
before i did it, i thought about how sore i would be today but i did it anyway.

and you know what? it wasn't half bad.
and i wasn't sore this morning at all. though last night my right hip went into a lovely spasm a whole 2 hours post-flip and i got a little worried. then when sciatica began coursing down my rear i started to curse my springtime springiness, but thankfully it worked itself out.

and then today at about 10 am... i freaking fell down my stairs!
not even joking- THAT is what tumbling really looks like- and it was not pretty. there was nothing cute and doe-like about it.
and now i hurt like hell.
you know what got into me today?

and irony.

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