Monday, January 2, 2012

everyone is all summing up their years and I just ramble aimlessly about one day

We had planned on staying in for New Years. Well. Actually... we had planned on having a get together with some friends at our very merry home but my being sick all week put a damper on a sanitary and even a vaccuumed home and also put a damper on assuring that my guests would avoid a pandemic producing plague.
Anyway, we were not going to leave the house except to return the final Harry Potter DVD that I may have stayed up until three am the night before watching. And oh my gosh- so. very. good. I couldn't even talk about it with A because he has sworn off watching it until he finishes reading the series. Since he only reads them on breaks and has about 14.7 billion pages to go in book 5, it might just be awhile...
So anyway AGAIN (maybe my first resolution should be to only let one of my personalities write a blog post at a time but where is the fun in that really) when 6:15 rolled around and I couldn't get a solid answer about what to cook for our personal home bound "party" I declared we were eating out. Which was perfect because I felt very strange about wearing sweatpants and not having any makeup on for New Years Eve and A would've thought me crazy(er) if I had gone up to change into knee high boots and jewelry for a night in. In retrospect, he probably still thought I was crazy because we were not driving downtown or anything but going to 1 of about 3 restaurants here where the other diners were probably wearing Happy New Year sweaters and pleated jeans.
We arrived and the place looked a little empty but the sign said they close at the very late hour of nine... we figured we'd have time to totally rock out and close the place down before taking out our false teeth and turning in for the night far away from all the crazy youngsters. But then everyone was all bitchy and we second guessed our decision. Of course we had already ordered and then found out that indeed, on this very festive holiday, they were closing their doors at... seven. A mere 12 minutes post ordering. Sooooo we changed it to go and came back home to eat. It was perfect because we avoided the inevitable restaurant meltdown that surely would have come from not being able to spend more than 12 minutes staring at the fisheeees in the aquarium and plus we didn't feel like we had to leave a huge tip. Plus I got to wear my new motorcycle boots and return Harry to his redbox.

I did feel like a wasted an outfit though, and since this is a period in my life that I like to refer to as chubby girl in holiday pajamas, every single ensemble that makes me NOT want to smash my mirrors is a personal triumph. So I asked N if he wanted to take my picture and my very talented four year old jumped at the chance:

And then I thought I should acknowlege my accessories since you can't see them in the masterpiece above:
Cardigan: Target, Belt: Gift, Necklace: Kohls

Boots: Old Navy

Bracelet: Gift (but i think it's from Kohls)

I notice that I recently posted a picture of me in a belted sweater. Lest you think that I am in a style rut, let me assure you that I have not worn the look since that last post. I have however, been sheathed in a scarf almost as often as my yoga pants so maybe I do need to examine my rut potential (that sounds dirty but I am not going to change it).
Once we were home, I couldn't trudge around in my boots all night because my badass-ness would scare Carson Daly off the TV and plus the dog barked everytime I stepped too hard on the kitchen tile.
Sooo I tried to find a cute little "effortless" hang around outfit that made my husband happy to have someone to kiss at nidnight but since chubby girl in holiday pajamas is all up in my bedroom, I had issues and just sorta took my accessories off and rolled up  my jeans. Resolution number two is to kick that beoch out because she is stretching out my expensive underwear.

Then came our party. N declared that it must contain hot chocolate (done) and cookies (done) and I declared it must contain alcohol, even if it was only for A (the husband, not the daughter) and I.

I made up this GORGEOUS holiday sangria because it doesn't seem like you are lushing it up if you drink one glass at a time from a pretty pitcher. Mark it down as yet another pinterest success along with the equally GORGEOUS cranberry salsa that I may as well have just eaten with a spoon and ignored the tortilla chips. Seriously, yum.

It also included Super Mario Cart, pointing out body parts on stuffed animals and the usual squabbling but honestly who would I rather spend the night with??

Happy New Year All- May you have a truly blessed year~

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