Saturday, January 7, 2012

on occasion, overthinking is still not enough

leaving the house to grab lunch from panera should be such a quick thing.i walked out the back door and hesitated.
our license plates expired on the 31st and this week didn't see me any closer to getting them renewed than did the first week in december (or even november).
newsflash- i procrastinate.

so i went back in and grabbed aaron's keys. and then i remembered that i was also going to grab some storage crates and they would fit much better in my car. so i switched the keys AGAIN and left in the originally intended, license plate expired vehicle. actually i went back in one more time for my elin nordegren sunglasses because it was blinding outside. blinding. and 60 degrees in january.
so i am driving and sticking to the back roads because i am paranoid like that. what are the odds of getting pulled over on my quick trip to panera, right?
not good enough!!
at the one leg of my "journey" that hits interstate territory i happened across a parked officer. lucky for me, he has the distinction of owning the most intensely focused set of eyes on the force because he was able to pick my 1"x1" expired little square out of 40 cars flying by at 60 mph. never mind that is what he was probably there for- to pick on all the dummies who bought their vehicles in december with no time to put off a renewal before the sticker changes color for the year- how did he see that?!?!
so am i all pissed pissed pissed and cursing the traffic gods and my procrastination skills with a stomach rumbling for some delicious bread company and an 11 year old officer walks to the window.
i sigh and hand him my information plus all the renewal stuff that i have IN MY CAR already because i had been planning on getting it done. i couldn't exactly say i was on my way since it is saturday either. but i explain that i JUST got back in town from the holidays (or 10 days ago) and i am taking care of it immediately.
he goes to his car and i wait.
and he comes back and says to please take care of it soon.
that he is not giving me a ticket but that it is a real "risk" to be driving a car without an inspection... as if it is going to spontaneously combust. i'm sure he meant risk as there are hundreds of eagle eyed coppers out there waiting to ambush poor elin (right after she had to knock down her pretty house too) but that is not the point.

the point. the point is that karma is a nasty... person. i had JUST got done making fun of a few people who will not be named for being all preachy about how a negative attitude will bring more negatives and blah blah blah. so fine- point taken annoying sages of universal wisdom. i'll be positive.
positively ticket-free... until maybe possibly next time.

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