Monday, January 16, 2012

if you're drowning, i'll toss you a pinterest

i have seen post after post about pinterest lately! on blogs and facebook and surely the twitter if i was a subscriber. i have mentioned in many times myself. that it is amazing! the devil's site! a time suck! chock full of inspiration!
i must add one more- lifesaver!
my son has asthma but it is only induced by illness and allergies. we are very lucky but we just got the "formal" diagnosis so it is still weighing heavily on my mind. it could be so very much worse. he is a healthy kid and we can handle a little wheezing, but it is essential that we know what exactly could trigger an attack. i wanted to know what he was allergic to, but i wasn't quite ready for the answer... milk (dairy), wheat (gluten), corn, soy, peanuts and so on. he is basically allergic to food. and, of course, the family dog. i am sure if they tested for it, little IgGs for me would have popped up in the blood test too.
just when you think you have done everything "right" nature swoops in to tell you that sometimes you are not in charge of the universe and your children's genes. i knew this of course, but could have done without the reminding.
double damn.
but it's cool because i've got this [food allergy thing]. i LOVE this boy. i love to cook and i love a challenge.
and i love pinterest who loves blogs about food allergies. this has been tackled by plenty before us. so i've got inspiration boards and i must say that so far, the recipes have not disappointed and the substitutions are pretty easy. so thank you pinterest for being a lifesaver! and thank you thank you that allergies and asthma are all that we're dealing with.

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