Saturday, January 21, 2012

remember the days where you would just spend hours staring at each other

It happens. If you are a parent I think you can probably relate.
Though you can be completely smitten with your spouse after any number of years, sometimes you just have no time for each other.
A and I have not had a real conversation in days- a few words here and there about schedules, kids and a few "I love you" texts have had to suffice.
But it bears mention that I am indeed giddy about my husband most of the time and one of these days may bring a date night or week, at least here's hoping. And here's proof that we as a couple exist as more than parents in this house :)

These pictures are YEARS old but I just received them from a friend- the friend whose wedding we were attending and I thought they were fun. Happy weekend friends. I hope you get to enjoy your other half!

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