Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ten on Ten (January Already!)

Yay! I remembered to ten on ten today :)
One photo an hour for ten hours. Linking up with a bit of sunshine today.
Happy January Friends

9:00 Brushing her teeth

10:00 Pick me up

11:00 Running errands without a shower = need a hat!

12:00-3:00 Life Intervenes...

3:00 Art Gallery Viewing :)

4:00 Cause it looked so empty when I took Christmas stuff down

5:00 Shadows

6:00 A snack while cooking dinner

7:00 Texture

8:00 Self-Serve Snack :/

10:00 PM Little Boy Shoes and Big Boy Slippers- and a dirty floor!


Erin said...

those pig tails make me miss my oldest girls toddler hair. Sweet!!
I love the self serve snack , too. Ha!!

LuAnn said...

Great pics !!!

Sara said...

I love the pigtails. SO cute! Great ten on ten set.

Jo said...

hah! thanks. the self serve snack happened and I groaned but immediately thought "sweet! perfect for the ten on ten..." priorities you know ;)

malamom said...

i love this idea for 10 on 10 pictures. I may borrow this idea for my blog. i hope that's ok? thanks!