Sunday, January 22, 2012

who knew such an easy remedy was right in the fridge?

i am the anti-waster~
at least in terms of food. we won't talk about the poor, wasted,  forlorn shoes left in my closet after an impulse purchase or the shear amount of time tossed away on pinterest "nothing".
i hate wasting food so i try really hard to use up leftovers and put all parts of things to good use.

but imagine my surprise to find that at less than 2 years of age, A is following in my footsteps.
yesterday i roasted a chicken and used the bones for stock. whenever i do this, i leave the container in the fridge overnight so that the fat rises to the top, solidifies and I can get rid of it. I haven't found a "good' use for plain yellow chicken fat yet...
or should I say hadn't, because my darling little lady who has been a non-sleeping crab of a child lately decided SHE was the anti-waster.
and when my back was turned, she retrieved the nasty, gooey, mess from the trash can, put it in her plastic teacup and sat down to eat it with a spoon...

yeah, i know.
i would have snapped a photo but i was too busy trying not to vomit.

but hey, today is her first real nap in days so as long as she's not poisoned, maybe she's onto something...

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