Friday, January 13, 2012

{like a traffic jam when you're already late}

i thought it was ironic that i got pulled over for those license plates when i almost took the other car. i thought it was ironic that i told my students on the first day that we were lucky to have a mild winter and then had the next class smothered by snowfall. but this one is the kicker.
yesterday was the coldest day of the year.
yesterday the heater died.


it is SO UNBELIEVABLY COLD in this house. but don't worry about us! in the words of my four year old "It's not like we're going to turn into ice cubes or anything mom, geez"

now i need to turn off all my very random and irrational anxiety thoughts before they too come to fruition and start concentrating on how i will wake up tomorrow and be miraculously thin with self-washing hair, a permanent baby fresh smell and no blemishes... and be warm

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