Saturday, August 13, 2011

and then there was one

and here i am, officially into the last phase of detox- i am now allowed 2-4 3oz servings of chicken and fish per day. the rest is the same.
i am bored.

the shakes- still gross. i honestly can't even get myself to drink a third, sometimes even a second per day..... i could add more juice to make them taste better, but then i am injecting myself into an instant sugar high. the lentils- totally sick of them. i couldn't eat a single lentil yesterday. but the meat? truly the meat addition is earth shattering- and totally detox shattering for my husband.

he had one taste of meat and completely! last night it rained and rained and his softball league got cancelled. i didn't have anything planned for dinner so we went out. i ate a yummy cajun whitefish fillet, fresh green beans and brown rice pilaf with water and generally stayed the course. he abandoned me and ordered a BURGER and FRIES and a COKE and then we stopped at the grocery store so he could buy cheese and cookies and milk..... i mean go big or go home, right?? that is actually not the reason we stopped but he sure took advantage :)

and me. bored.
alone in the quest with lots of days to go. i am over halfway done actually but still i like to mope.

i am so thankful that he decided to do phase I with me, it truly would have been impossible by myself. and we tried lots of new vegetarian things (that have no grains involved).
and he lost like 10 pounds.
and really, he has been a trooper.
but should i tell him that he is just gonna undo the detox if he keeps up the food bender????

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