Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what do vomit, brown rice, magic and 18,000 questions have in common?

in following with the latest tradition of chaos during our family outings, tonight began with A vomiting all over herself and the car. we pulled into target so i could grab a quick outfit change for her and then headed to our destination- The Magic House!

it is a great place and since it was a private party, we had access to all of the exhibits without a zillion other people in the way and the kiddos were all smiles. we learned a few things too- one sign said that the average 4 year old asks 437 questions per day, which was worth a giggle. but then we really started thinking about it, and that number seemed a bit low :)

soooo we counted the questions from N on the way home and he had roughly 70 questions in a 20 minute span!!! granted, this was in the car so maybe there were a few more than usual but if you factor in sleeping, that still adds up to over 2000 questions per day from our dear boy........

does that help to paint a better picture of my little man? he can be a little challenging!

also on the way home we had to stop for some dinner and we did the best we could detox-wise at crazy bowls and wraps. you know you have been on a strict diet when you feel super indulgent eating a vegetarian fajita bowl without cheese! we gave half our brown rice to N and surely still had more than the quota and we are feeling slightly guilty about eating black beans instead of lentils, but wow, it was delicious. we already decided that our first meal out after this thing is over will be red robin but i highly doubt our bodies will appreciate that!

the good news is that tomorrow is the last day of phase I and phase III will start on thursday- that glorious day means the addition of chicken and fish. i can hardly contain my excitement! so much so that you might see me use an average of 437 exclamation points and/or smiley faces in the next few days :)

Oh and like last week, I am linking up with Harper's Happenings- you should too ;)
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