Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cause i'd like to avoid paying a lawyer

I know you clicked on here thinking "who is this? where did jo's blog go?"
hahaha wishful thinking by me.
it is still me- i just changed it up a bit.

my primary reason is that by accident, i stumbled upon three separate blogs in the last week titled A Beautiful Mess..... not the same as me of course, but very close. Once or twice may be coincidence, but three times? Three times is telling my subconscious to avoid getting sued :) One of those "messes" is a BIG blog- BIG. with a store and a following as if i'd know what that is like!

but hey! the internet is a crazy place so you never know. maybe someday 105 people will know who i am.... i picked our name because of something my son said to me the day i started blogging but maybe i should have looked for some other blogs first- i was a newbie. whatev.

so anyway- this is still the story of our beautiful mess, but i just added a bit to the title. maybe it will keep readers from thinking i am blogging about a beautiful mess in a dream or on tv- i am for true blogging on our beautiful messy life.

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