Saturday, August 6, 2011

which would you rather have, a chicken burrito or a shiny new four year old??

i am sitting at the table across from  my usually very handsome boy. his face right now is screwed into this weird caricature of himself and there are fake cries and moaning sounds coming from his vicinity. he refuses to eat his dinner, which pisses me off in itself because i would KILL to have his burrito right now being on day 4 of this cleanse and all. i decided i had to do something to keep myself from strangling him and if i even look at him i might snap soooooo hello lovely readers :)

we are at a stalemate- we are supposed to be at this party about 30 minutes ago but i told him we can't go until he eats his dinner. and i mean it. but we really HAVE to go.......

i hate when he does this. it is not often- he is usually a champ but i am not going to deal with an ungrateful little fella that won't eat a perfectly good, scratch that- freaking delicious looking chicken burrito!!!! maybe i am exaggerating and unneccessarily mean because my blood sugar is low. yesterday was a good day. both my husband and i were full and satisfied all day but today the reality that it is only day 4 out of 21 and that i can't even have fish for another week really kicked in. man i want that burrito ;)

we really need to get to the party- although there will be food there. likely many types that i can't eat so maybe N is just trying to save me from my cravings. or he is just four with an attitude. whatever.

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