Monday, August 1, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday (two weeks ago cause this Saturday was lame)

It's true, we look a little tired but we are still rockstars....
so a few posts ago i mentioned the awesomeness that was last weekend- as in LAST weekend. these last two days of crazy kids and housework did not so much measure up to seeing some of my girls and pretending to be in college again. the most exciting thing about this weekend was grocery shopping or maybe watching my 4 year old spazz out on orange juice.
just a shout out to "uncle matt"- your organic, not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized, pulp-free orange juice contains crack so you should probably list that in the ingredients..... it was weird.

anyway- LAST weekend was an alumni function at good ole Quincy University. for those of you who aren't familiar, it is the site of many many memories and growing up and if it were on the beach, would pretty much be the pinnacle of all places cool. we were unable to make the entire weekend, which is a shame because early saturday was a large gladiator-style beerfest, circa 2000ish, called hawk wild field day.
watching drunken, aging alumni run obstacle courses and joust previously "cool" coeds is tops in my book! BUT, as I said, we didn't make it for that.
what we did make it for was a good night out with people that i see much too infrequently because of jobs and family and stupid distance! we ate yummy food and drank yummy drinks and laughed a hell of a lot. i stayed up way past my bedtime and even managed to stay un-pregnant!
(note: the LAST hawk-wild saw me AND another friend preggo- good good times).

Said friend- also un-pregnant ;)

as it was an actual night out, i wore a dress!
i have been wanting to link up to Harper's Happenings for quite awhile. it is a really fun blog written by a very funny lady and she hosts 'Steppin Out Saturday' each week. So here I go sharing my crazy expensive fashion tendencies (joke). This dress is pure genius- it was less than twenty dollars and has a built-in belt. Plus it will be perfect for fall hiked up over some jeans with a different belt and a cardigan.
dress-love :)
Disregard the very artistic background

And disregard my random bag holding- it was kinda late so I guess I forgot how to pose for a picture



Anonymous said...

Love that you pointed out your handbag in that photo in front of qu. So happy we got to hang out. Wish the other girls could've been there. Maybe another year.

Anonymous said...

Love love love your bag! Cannot wait until Target comes up North!

Jo said...

oh thank you!! it is my huge "in place of diaper bag" purse-- i always have it.