Monday, August 22, 2011

in which my crazy peeks out.... again

seriously house hunters.

you make me CRAZY.

i have watched this show through my frustrations for years and only seen two point five couples that didn't make me want to punch them in the throat. the half couple seemed normal enough until the ladie's extreme nasalness pushed me over the edge halfway through....
how many damn times can someone comment on the lack of his and hers sinks?
how is paint color a deal breaker? it is PAINT.
and why do all the idiots pick the house that is $42,000 over budget for the sake of a "man-cave"?

i have yelled at my screen at least 20 times in the last 5 minutes.
"who freaking cares that the chandelier has a lightbulb out?!
why would you wear that shirt on national television?!
you have 4 dogs- how are you even looking at a townhouse that doesn't accept animals?!"
and so on....

it makes me crazy.
i have a theory that house hunters must pay extra money for tool-baggery!

or maybe they cast their shows with starving actors like jerry springer.
that would explain the 17 year old married couple seeking their second home in prague who have decided that they just can't live in an apartment with a european bathroom...... you are in europe freako- what do you expect?!? it makes more sense if you watch it like a screenplay

perhaps this an unnatural response to tv, even reality tv, but whatever. it pisses me off. and yet i am still watching as i type. these twenty-something best friends are moving to a "pad" in columbia. the country. cause the girls are "unbelievable"..... what do your poor mothers think?


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